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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

As I didn’t post last Sunday (too busy having fun) I’ll cram two weeks in one today and I will give you my September wrap-up

In my private life

Well as my title says, I have a migraine since two days but I just want to write this post!

I have not been very consistent with the blog and keeping up with the comments (even if I do visit and comment on other’s posts) because work is kicking my behind!

And also because life is kicking our collective bums this year!

I am still homeworking and hard at it but the COVID fear is real as it’s rearing its ugly head in Belgium and we now have a curfew!!!

Yes, like when you are a teen and grounded, we have a curfew!

All because some people can’t seem able to follow basic rules and just be civic!

Complaining about wearing masks etc. Go tell that to all my beighbors working as nurses and wearing masks for hours for years now and risking their lives to save others!

How isn’t it being egotistical!

In French, Sartre said something that has always resonated with me: “Ma liberté s’arrête là où celle des autres commence”, losely translated : “My freedom ends where other’s begins”. And he was right!

Wake up guys!

Coffees and restaurants are closing because some idiots think we are robbing them of their freedom or that it inconvenience them to wear a mask, not party etc.

If that’s not selfishness I don’t know what this is!


Sorry for the rant.

But that situation has me cranky and is probably one of the causes of my migraine.

That being said, we had a good news this week: my daughter tested negative to COVID and all her friends too.


The situation is so dire that I decided to stop going to my aquaboxing classes and aquagym classes and yes, it pains me but this is the sensible choice to do. We have way too many cases again.


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

I have written three reviews (yepee) but I have two more to write and with my current headache, that will be a big no today.

First about His & Hers by Alice Feeney who was an incredible crime/suspense story! She blew up my mind!

Then, second book of The Huntress by Jeaniene Frost, still very entertaining to listen to.

Last a contemporary read about some uncomfortable but very real topics: All We’ve Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin (thank you Tanya “Girl Plus Books” who recommended me that read months ago!)

And I went rogue on the Top 10 Tuesday and Top 5 Tuesday topic reviving an old post of mine.

Now to leave you on something funny and that Kim “By book or by Hook” made me discover, watch that pandemic parody (I LOVE that family! They are just amazing!)

Have a great Sunday!



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  1. I hope you’re feeling better now, I am sorry to hear about your migraine. That sounds painful. It is a stressful situation with Corona cases going up everywhere. I just wish everyone would wear their masks and be sensible. That’s good news your daughter and her friends tested negative. Too bad you have to stop your aqua classes again now with the high amount of cases.

  2. Hope your migraine is better, Sophie!
    I totally agree about the frustration about our current situation. It’s maddening that some of have been following the rules so well and have just recently been able to do things we love again or to finally be able to meet with our loved one, only to have it all be taken away again because some people have been selfish and not following any (simple) rules. It’s selfish and annoying.
    Hope you’ll still have a great week though!

  3. This year is just kicking all of our butts! I’m so sorry that you’re headache is back, Sophie, but happy that your daughter tested negative! I had to take Thing 3 back to get retested because he’s been sick for the past week. Sigh…I’m so frustrated! Anyway, try to get some rest!!

  4. Sending all the hugs your way for your migraine and curfew! The The Holderness Family always cracks me up! I love their Twenty One Pilots “Stressed Out” Parody….I always warn my husband DUDE this is gonna be you someday since he still does backside rodeo 720s on his snowboard *deep sigh*.

  5. The refusal to follow basic safety guidelines seems to be a universal issue. Over here it’s been politicized which is so ridiculous. There are many who refuse to wear a mask and talk about their rights. It’s maddening.

  6. People really are infuriating, especially when they continue to believe that COVID-19 is a myth. I do hope that your migraine will go away quickly and that you’ll continue to stay safe. I heard on the news about the curfew in some European countries and I find it insane that we’re back to bringing up those kinds of measures today…

  7. I hope that your migraine decides to go away soon: I understand it’s hardly “nice” company…
    And you have every right to rant: every time I see people behaving irresponsibly I do get angry, because they don’t seem to understand we are all in this *together* and we have to care for each other, not just ourselves, if we want to beat this thing!

  8. So glad your daughter and her friends tested negative, Sophie – and hope your migraine is gone. Our cases are on the rise here, also, and I’m still seeing so many maskless people. It’s not a hard thing – just wear it!

  9. I’m sorry you had to stop your aqua exercises, I know you’ve been getting a lot of joy out of them 🙁 It’s really frustrating, I get people don’t like masks, no one does, but if you’re going to go to a place that requires then, then wear them! Goodness gracious. Here in the US, I heard a news report that a lot of college students/20-somethings who feel peer pressure not to wear masks because if they do they get made fun of by their friends. It’s sad.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having the same problem there as here. Over here this complaining about masks and “freedoms” is widespread and I don’t understand why people don’t understand that quote you shared- our rights do not allow us to just infringe on others. Oh well…

    I hope you have a good (and safe) week!

  11. I’m so sorry for you and completely understand. I have never had so many migraines as I have this year, and I am sure stress is most of the cause. We have been dealing with that selfishness with masks and everything else for 8 months now here in the States, and I honestly see no end in sight. Since our family is high-risk we have stayed isolated this whole time. I am blessed to work from home and did not lose my job like millions of others, but I have only left my home 4 times in these 8 months because we just can’t trust other people to do the right thing so we have to remove ourselves from the vicinity of others. It’s very hard, even for an introvert like myself. I have several medical appointments coming up that I can’t put off any longer, so am nervous about that exposure. I am certainly hoping and praying for us all! And thanks for letting my vent all that out 😉 I hope you know we all understand what you are dealing with, and please only post and comment when it works for you. Your health comes first!

  12. I SO relate to this frustration.. it’s not obligatory to have a mask on inside AND outside when not able to social distance by the province, like – a law. We went to the park to walk the weeins in the autumn nature today and BOI. ‍♀️ looked like EVERYONE gathered at the park, walking in groups, getting photoshoots.. the kids playground was FULL of adults and kids — and of course none had their masks on. Mother and I walked with our masks on in the woods of the park, like respectful citizens ..

    So happy your daughter & her friends hasn’t got it!! We had a scare at work too, where one of my coworker got tested as she had a throat ache .. turns out it was just step throat xD I was the one mainly working evenings with her so I was SO RELIEVED.

    Have a good week xx

  13. Urg. So sorry about the migraine:((. I used to suffer really badly with them, so I very much sympathise… You’re right – my sister has to wear a mask and gloves 7 hours straight – so has precious little sympathy for those pointless wastes of skin and oxygen who protest at having to wear them in a shop for a matter of minutes! Glad to hear your daughter and her friends tested negative and I hope that you have a better week, Sophie:))

  14. Yes COVID cases seem to be rising almost everywhere. The cold weather means more inside where it spreads more easily. I’m glad your daughter was negative. I am so tired of people who won’t make any effort. I hope your migraine is better soon and you get some more great reads this week.

  15. I hope your migraine hits the road and as soon as possible! I really thought the US was the only country full of dumbasses who think wearing a mask is 1. stupid. 2 infringes on their rights and 3. for losers. Even though there are people all over the world who think like that I still believe we’re #1 in the dumbass department. *sigh*

  16. Damn, Sophie, I am so sorry to hear about yet another migraine. But so relieved to hear that your daughter’s test results were negative. That must be such a weight off you and your husband’s minds right now. What with everything else, we’re all under tremendous pressure. But for a selfish few we’d all be better off if everyone followed the rules to begin with, and maybe we wouldn’t be here.

    Take good care of you and your family! :-X

  17. I like hearing from my blogging friends in other parts of the world, because everyone always makes me think so many things are specific to America. I have always said it’s a people problem. There are people who follow rules and people who don’t – all the time. It’s frustrating when you are doing your part and others aren’t. I totally feel you. Hope you get some relief with your headache.

  18. Oh no, feel better Sophie. I totally feel you with migraines, I suffer with them once a month too and they are just horrific.

    Cases here have shot up and the country has been split into 3 tiers with different restrictions but it does seem useless. Some are complaining too and it gets right on my wick. Just bloody do what you are told, wear a mask and lets kick COVID up the bum!

  19. Oh, sorry about the migraine! And I totally relate to the frustration of how our increased lockdowns are brought about by those who refuse to follow the simple rules. How wearing masks and social distancing are infringing on their rights.

    Have a great day and week, and stay safe! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  20. I had a multi-day migraine this week too! I’m 100% sure mine was triggered by stress… Between stuff going on at work and all the covid related stresses and shenanigans going on here too, it’s no surprise really. 🙁
    Things pretty much suck at the moment… But I’m lucky. My area is still super low.

    I’m sorry you had to give up your classes. I’m glad your daughter tested negative!
    I feel your frustration about people not following rules and being so bloody selfish… It makes me want to scream! We can keep numbers down and semi-function if people just stopped being self-centred assholes. *sigh/scream/cry*