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Today is the 8th day of our blogmas fun and this was the MOST DIFFICULT CHOICE of all! Choosing my “Best of the Bests” among around 115 books read so far with I think an average of 4,00 rating (my guess) has proved really difficult!

I narrowed my choice down to two books. Sorry one was not enough as they both really moved me beyond anything else.

Both writers are incredibly gifted and spoke to my soul.

My winners of the day are:

The Silver Cage by Anonymous was earth shattering!

My review title was “how I’ve been shell-shocked yet mesmerized”.

I was completely immersed into this very dramatic and unfair story thanks to the highly compelling writing of Anonymous. This book was a story like none other. Maybe Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma left me in a similar state of mind….shocked and angry.

Here are some excerpts of said review:

This story is about being trapped by your beliefs and upbringing.
It’s about wearing a mask your own life. Feeling like wearing clothes you outgrew decades ago.
It’s about the fear of being rejected would people really get to know you.
About guilt. So much guilt it nearly drives you insane.
About redemption that you crave but believe you don’t deserve
… and would probably never come.


It’s a powerful and tragic story. Filled with incredible amounts of suffering. Yet it’s written in such fashion that it feels just real. Not overdone. Not exaggerated.
I felt like looking in a rearview mirror. All the events are described precisely but you have a distance, a numbness between you and the past.
Sometimes you have to wait a long time. Sometimes you’ll need to go in therapy and follow some inner journey. Then you will be able to tell the truth, all the truth without being overwhelmed. You just tell.


Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott

This is the first book of a duet “The Beautiful Hearts”.

Not only is this book dear to my heart thanks to the quality of Emma’s writing but also because it took an enormous courage of Emma to publish this book and its sequel after the tragedy that hit her so hard.

I bow low to Emma’s tenacity and strenght as she gave us, her readers, a formidable gift.

Excerpts of my review:

This epic love and friendship story will push you through your limits. It will frustrate you. It will hurt you. It will also fill you with so many beautiful emotions you won’t be able to contain them. Read this with a survival kit composed of: ice cream, alcohol, tissues and punching bag. It is also best to protect your E-reader with the latest and bulkiest case or have a good insurance.

My emotions and reactions while reading the book

It went like this:

30% in the book “Emma I HATE love triangle. I can’t do this this is pure torture! I want “him” to get the girl!”

65% in the book ” I get it now! This is a love story. Love like friendship and love like romance!”

95% “oh no!, oh no! Don’t do this to me Emma Scott​ please this is inhuman! I curse you but it so beauuuuuutiful…”

100% in the book and past the sneak peek….”You are killing me! And I am crying on the street now. And weeks is too long to wait for the next one. And….I love you Emma even when you make me hurt and cry and curse you!”

Just know that this story is angsty, this story is difficult for the likes like me but this story is also incredibly beautiful. It shines through the pain. I am happy I trusted Emma Scott and read it even knowing about the love triangle because I would have missed an epic love and friendship story.


Now do tell me your best of the bests read in 2018 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I want to start the Silver Cage, but Alex has scared me to death. Literally And Emma is always a winner although I’m yet to read this duet

  2. My head hurt trying to do a best of the best, so I did something else. >_<
    Emma Scott gives good pain. Definitely a fan of that duet. I think the second book impacted me more, because of just what it dealt with. I really liked that Scott showed the good and the bad of the situation, and how could I not love Autumn after all that. I am really looking forward to the novella. I want details about Italy.

    1. Sam you are totally right about the second book and her showing the good and the bad! She did not try to avoid the consequences nor have a miracle happen and I think it was very courageous and clever!