Summer is beginning and my kids are now officially on holiday. Family time ahead!


I love spending time with my kids but it also means that I’ll blog sporadically for some weeks. Organizing fun activities for the whole family, some hiking, horse riding. Maybe discover museums?  Day or two day trips? Who knows.

I hope you’ll forgive me if I can’t always reply quickly, if I don’t comment every day on your incredible posts or if I post less than I use to.


I promise to catch up as soon as I can and open August with a big giveaway (bribing you? Maybe. But I love playing Santa 😀 )


I began blogging more than six months ago now and it’s been an incredible adventure. I never thought I would love it as much as I do.

Above all else, I love connecting with you! Yes you all incredible bloggers I’m following everyday (or try to): Trisy, Kirsty, Susan, Bentley, Sarah and Sarah, Geybie, Patty, Taylor, Darque Dreamer, Lonna at Flylef, Tijuana, Corina, Danielle, ramona, Talia, Mel, Flavia, Shanah, Melanie, Teacher of YA, Book Princess review, Mia, Bec, Poulami, Shristi, Megan, Paperback Princess….and so many more I can’t mention you all.


I feel grateful to you all as you bring up interesting discussions about bookish topics, review books so give me ideas, chat about books or blog, show your support featuring other bloggers…

You helped me build my blog these last months, inspiring me and feeding my creativity.


So thank you to all of you!


Never stop to be you as you are all unique and fantastic!


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