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I was enjoying Shanah’s answers @Bionicbookworm  to this tag when I realized she tagged me! I’m really happy but also a little bit scared. Halloween did not exist in Europe when I was a child! Crazy I know LOL. But it’s invaded Europe when my own kids were small so I had a blast following them (in the shadows) in our neighborhood and ask for tricks or treat. Of course they were disguised as vampires or zombies and witches and I had a really fun time applying white and red and.. on their faces. I even sewed their costumes.


So here I go with this “seasonal” and fun book tag.


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WITCHES: A book or character that is magical


There is so much magic and paranormal creatures in CC Hunter’s Shadow Falls series that I can’t find any other book to illustrate. Well yes Harry Potter maybe but I will try to avoid the obvious. What I also loved was that the magic did not always go as planned and backfired. It’s filled with humor.


MUMMIES: A book or character you can’t wrap your mind around


Well as much as I loved The Queen of the Tearling I really was disappointed with the third book in the series. I did not know what happened to the characters and the story. I was really puzzled and frustrated as to where the author led the story. Plus it was so convoluted that I could not understand anything. Feeling dumb is not pleasant!



VAMPIRES: A book, series, or author you can’t live without



I will name here my favorite author above all else: Amy Harmon. I’m a huge fan of her writing and so far none of her books ever disappointed me. My two favorites are Making Faces and From Sand and Ash. She has some grace in her writing an elegance I can’t express what she makes me feel every time!


WEREWOLVES: A book best read in the middle of the night


Ooooh I know! Nerve Damage by JL Myers. I bet you’ve never read this book and you don’t know what you’re missing. I beta read it and truly it was very difficult to keep my beta reader’s goggles on as I was so taken by the story, the angst, the thrill, the… really I was standing on the edge of my seat the whole time.


ZOMBIES: A book you picked up for the second time/continued after DNF’ing it

Well that’s a tricky one. I think I don’t have such book. It’s unusal for me to DNF but if it happens it really means that the book is not my cup of tea and I know a second attempt won’t help.


GHOSTS: A book you easily predicted a twist or ending

Many books are predictable. It does not annoy me if it’s well written and that the characters are great characters. So to name only one I would choose Writing Mr Right by T K Leigh. It’s a fantastic RomCom that I can’t recommend enough even if you can predict the ending!


FRANKENSTEIN: A book that truly shocked you

Siren by Jaimie Roberts. Jaimie is one author I’ve beta read or edited for. With Siren she did not ask me to do it as she knows that very very dark and twisted books are not really my cup of tea. Well it left me with my mouth hanging open and many times bile in the mouth. Even if I was shocked I can praise this book as Jaimie took a huge risk and wrote what she wanted whatever other’s opinion. If you are in really dark and twisted books this will be the one you’ll want to read!


SKELETONS: A book or character that chilled you to the bone

Cujo by Stephen King or Charlie or … I read these books as a teenager and could not sleep well for weeks after.


GHOULS: A book that left you hungry

If it means hungry for more I have tons of books with huge cliffhangers! One coming to my mind is Paper Princess by Erin Watt. I interviewed these authors and told them that they like torturing their readers as they write cliffhangers from hell. So of course we want more!


If it means hungry as wanting food I would say the ARC I finished this morning Forever Right Now by Emma Scott. The heroine is making Tuna casserole and based on the other character’s comments it must be delicious! I even asked Emma for her recipe (still waiting for her to answer).


GOBLINS: A greedy character

I would say Gollum from The Lord of the Ring as he wants his precious with such greed!


DEVIL: A dark and evil character

Frankie Moretti and his wife in The Enforcer by Kele Moon. I can’t describe what this evil man did to his illegitimate sons. He is a real and dark villain. Now a more obvious choice would have been Voldemort but I said I wanted to avoid obvious.


SCARECROW: A book or character that scares you

Well see above with Stephen King…


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  1. Wow you work fast! I didn’t realize that Halloween wasnt really a “thing” in Europe when you would have been younger! Crazy! Learned something new! I have a friend that is in absolute love with anything Amy Harmon. I really need to read her some day!

    1. Well Shanah I did not lie when I told that I loved your answers and wanted to do the tag LOL And yes it’s crazy but Halloween did not exist!!!! And Thanksgiving still does not exist here by the way! Only Christmas. And on December 6th we have Sint Nicolas he is a saint giving toys to kids. No Santa Claus for us 😉 He has a donkey to transport the toys and goes through the chimneys. We leave a carrot for the donkey.
      I know you don’t like romance so much and Amy writes romance but it’s more about love in general. I think she is fabulous.

  2. Love your answers! Amy Harmon is really a great author! So far, I’ve read three books from her and I loved all of them. I totally agree with you on Paper Princess! That book totally ruined me and it left me wanting for more. 🙂