Hi dear friends!

This post is totally inspired by Meeghan’s post as she made me aware that Book Bloggers Awards are back!

This is the third annual awards and this year May @ Forever and Everly will be running them.  You can read about the award and know about the different categories HERE.

Nominations are open until Saturday July 20, 11:59PM CDT, so you still have 10 days to nominate your fave bloggers!

I won’t probably nominate for the 22 categories but as much as I can!

Last word here: if you don’t see your name here it does NOT mean that I don’t like your blog or that you are doing a bad job! I simply want to highlight bloggers who fit the categories to a T 😀 

The rules and schedule are all explained in details in May’s post.

The good news is that you can nominate up to three (3) bloggers for each category.



Sam reads an incredible amount of books. I could never follow honestly! Sam reviews several times a week and many time books I had never heard of before but that I instantly want to read! Visiting the blog is very bad for my wallet! Always coming with interesting discussions Sam also takes part in the Top Ten Tuesday. By the amount of comments left on the blog you can see the bloggers love there!


Tanya reviews YA, NA and Adult romance as well. Her blog aesthetic is beautifull all light with some colored flowers. She has astonishingly similar tastes to mine. I’ve always said that she could be my book twin! She made me discover one of my favorite books: I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios.

She loves moving books, fun books and generally avoid dark ones. Always with some romance.

  • Romance

Three nominations here!

Daisy @dgbookblog who always post reviews about romantic books! She loves bright and joyful colors and visiting her blog always brighten my day. She also has gorgeous bookstagrams.

Chelsea, Arielle, Jen and Cassie @starcrossedbookblog  They could also compete for YA but they do read some very adult books so I am nominating these wonderful young ladies here! They are all enthusiastic and passionate about romance books! They will swoon and rejoyce. They will make you WANT to read romance. I find it fantastic that each has her own tone and voice.

Second nomination for Tanya @girlplusbooks as she lives and breathes romance books!


  • Science Fiction / Fantasy

First nomination (you’ll get other) for Raven  @dreamyaddiction . Raven loves fantasy, science fiction and some contemporary. She is one of the very few blogs where you’ll find nearly only reviews and ..what reviews. Raven completes her posts with the wrap-up, the monthly new releases and her best of. By the number of comments and visitors you can see that she really is loved!

She also has incredible bookstgrams always inspired by the mood and colors of the book!

  • Mystery / Thriller

This one was the easiest to nominate! Norrie @readingundertheblankie

She has the best recommendations on mystery and thrillers! She also really reads your posts and comments with details and great interest even if it is not her favorite genre that you are reading! She is uncompromising in her reviews and will give it like it is!


  • Best Book Reviews

Once again that one was easy! Raven @dreamyaddiction has the bests. Honestly I can’t tell you the amount of books she made me read after I read her own enthusiastic review. Or she swayed me away from reading some very hyped book if she did not like it and explained precisely and respectfully why.

  • Best Book Recommendations

So far you’ll have Raven (third time) @dreamyaddiction  and Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks with Sam @wlabb (see above).

As I haven’t spoken of Marie yet let me just say that she is French, really active in the community, makes a point to visit and comment your blog as often as possible and has tons of excellent recommendations in YA!

  • Best Discussion Posts

I have two favorites here!

The Orang Outang librarian makes a first appearance on my post! I love the provoking discussion and the sharp mind. Not shy you will always have an honest opinion even if it’s about very hyped books. You will find the best discussion about sometimes controversial topics.

Other nominee here: Marie @drizzleandhurricane for the second time! I love how she lets herself be vulnerable and talk about her doubts about blogging. She is also a fierce advocate or writing and reading about mental illness. I also love her lists like “Ten YA books you need to read this summer” etc.

  • Best Blog Aesthetic

Without a single doubt or esitation: Dani @perspectiveofawriter

Her book is pure brilliance! Easy to navigate, light with wonderful graphics all looking like drawings or manga. She has a little fow as logo and …well it’s cheer perfection and I love just looking at her blog! Cherry on top she writes excellent reviews smartly structured and often loves to put the potlight on one or another blogger!


  • Best Blogging/Writing Voice

I did not have to think long for this one either and I have two nominees here: once again Marie @drizzleandhurricane  with the diversity of her posts. 

My second blogger is someone who is big in the community. She always gets tons of ARCs (no I am not jealous) but even if she did not buy the book she will always be honest, sometimes abruptly so in her reviews! She attends book events and cons and has led challenges. She really is a blogger I would love to be when I grow up! She also has a deep passion for faeries and cosplay. I nominate Mel @meltotheany  


  • Most Engaged in the Community

I would nominate Evelina from @avalinahsbook because she was behind the creation of a Discord group uniting many new bloggers. She writes he meet the blogger posts about new bloggers, helping them getting into the spotlight. She also hosted several posts from other bloggers about practical aspects of blogging and bookstagramming. She is a bridge among us!


  • Friendliest Member of the Community

I would nominate Meeghan @meeghanreads as she always visit, chat has an upbeat tone on her blog and on her bookstagrams! She is someone I would love living close by and chatting with at a book club 😀 

  • Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Once again here I nominate for the second time Mel @meltotheany.


  • Best Overall Book Blogger

Marie @drizzleandhurricane fourth nomination here!

Sam @weliveandbreathbooks second nomination


That’s it! But as I have said if I am following you it’s because I love all of your blogs and frankly, just blogging consistently means YOU deserve an award as we all know how much time and passion this asks from us!


Now if you want to participate, just visit May’s blog!


Thanks for reading!



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  1. Sophie!!! I am horrifically embarrassed that I am only just now seeing this. I am sooo behind on blog visiting and commenting (like, weeks behind) and I’ve been trying to play catch-up here and there when I have a few minutes. Hence, why I am 12 DAYS LATE seeing this lovely post!! Sophie, I am positively floored to see my tiny little blog nominated! I swear, I got choked up with I saw it and had to reread it several times to believe it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazingly kind words… and I agree, we really are book twins!

    Seeing Sam nominated (twice!) does my heart good because I adore both her and her blog. She has become a friend over the years and I think she is the best!

    And now I’m off to check out the nominees I don’t know and discover some new blogs!

    1. Bwahahahaha don’t feel bad Tanya! I swear that I am struggling these days to follow and reply to comments! Even while I am on holiday!!!! And you deserve to be on that list!

  2. OMG, Thank you so much for the shout out Sophie! This really made my day! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I’m so glad that I’ve met you in this blogosphere. I totally agree with you on Dani, Melanie, The Orangutan Librarian, Marie and all the ladies from the starcrossed book blog! I love their blogs! Now I’m going to check out the others in this list.
    Great post!

  3. Oh my gosh Sophie, thank you so much for the love and shout out! *sending huge hugs your way* We are all obsessed with anything romance…..our group text yesterday was wrapped up in The Little Mermaid and who they’re going to cast as Prince Eric for the newest Disney movie, our romance obsession never stops lol. And a billions times YES to Raven over at Dream Addictions. I have SO many books on my tbr and that I have read because of her. If she likes a book then I know I’ll love it too! I’m off to go check out the other bloggers on this list I am not already following, I can’t wait to discover their blogs ♥.

  4. Oh my god I’m going to cry, Sophie I’m honored to be on this list and that you thought of me for all of these categories, I don’t deserve all of this, Sophie you’re way too sweet thank you so, SO much for your sweet words, the bright light of my entire day, this honestly means the world, thank you SO much!! <3
    There are so, so many bloggers I love right here and some I'm not too familiar with, I need to check them out, thank you SO much for sharing all of these and thank you again ahhh

    1. Yes you deserve this Marie! And you are always fretting and asking yourself if you do enough and are good enough but YOU ARE! 😉 xx

  5. OMG SOPHIE!!! You didn’t!! I’m like crying over here now. You are too sweet!! Thank you so much!! You already know I love you.
    PS: I will totally it with you any day and chat about books (or just in comfortable quiet while we read together and then swap books )

    1. Oh yes swapping books! That’s what I did with my cousin when we were teenagers and spent whole afternoons on my bed, each reading a book and swapping by the end 😉

  6. Awww, I totally stopped breathing when I saw my name on your list. I am so, so honored. Thank you for including me. I know a lot of these blogger, and agree with you. Evelina is such a powerhouse with connecting with bloggers and supporting them, while Marie also is amazing at interacting and is one of the friendliest. Dani graphics are incredible. Her Sunday Post dazzles me every week. You know I love the discussions over at OrangOutang Librarian. Fabulous! And, Tanya is my girl. I have nothing but love for her. I have to check out some of these other bloggers, which I am lucky enough to be listed with.