Already the third day of our challenge with Cassandra Clare and today’s topic is a difficult one: favorite male character!

In the last series “The Dark Artifices” I love Mark! Half Shadowhunter half human. In “The Mortal Instruments series” there is of course “Magnificent” Jace! Warrior extraordinaire, cocky (Oooops!) and overtly confident.


The one that I really prefer because he is flawed, self destructive, brave, loyal beyond anything, ready to do the “right thing” for his Parabatai even renouncing his love for the girl is Will Herondale. Will has attitude issues, making him look arrogant and hot tempered. But this is only a shield. He erects walls around his heart and soul as he does not want to seem vulnerable. He was intriguing and sarcastic. And he broke my heart so many times!

Now do tell me who is your favorite male character in Cassandra Clare’s books?

Thanks for reading!


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