Hi dear friends,

Today is Top 5 Tuseday at @bionicbookworm and the topic is “Favorite Titles”.

Well you know me and sometimes I get a little crazy with this meme.

It was the end of a long work day, I was thinking on the train back to home trying to come up with my favorite book titles but …

I got it all wrong! It really was like trying to read some little characters without my glasses: everything was blurry and I got confused.

I could not stop tweaking the titles playing with their words.ย  This gave surprising titles ๐Ÿ˜€

A title is very important as it has to give the reader an idea about the content of the book. Let’s sort them by category.



The instructive. You can read book to learn and that could give you…


How to readwalk in 10 lessons

Ten ways to stealthily avoid your colleagues to read at lunch time.

DIY: Classic fake covers to hide raunchy reads when commuting



You also have biography and imagine what these stories would be about ….


My crazy night with Jeff Fender (sorry Jeff you know that I love you)

Ten years of writing erotic under the covers

Dishing: slumming with the high and mighty in the book industry

The Seventh Agent of Sophie Loon



Then of course my favorite genre: fiction


Readl1k3 (for science fiction amateurs)

Editor Among Thieves (scifi again)

Gone with the pages (for historical fans)

Hot and dirty with the bookmark (you can imagine all that you want)

Fifty Shades of Ink (kinky)

Now I Write (The Editors Saga) : kickass heroine

A Paper at the Gates (for fantasy amateurs)

Me Before Books (for romance readers)

Lost in Translation (but wait! This one is already trademarked)

The Wicked Editor (Either BDSM read either Faery)

Writing at the Moon (shifters lovers)

Kingdom of Ink (epic fantasy)


Now let’s play! What title would you tweak?

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Well Lili I don’t know how I come up with. It usually happens when I am exhausted an dmy mind is freewheeling ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am happy I made you laugh!

    1. Exactly! Snickering is the right term Laura! Between crying while reading or laughing also alone because the book is funny now you can add snickering. No wonder no one wants to sit by my side on the train anymore (kidding) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. HOT AND DIRTY WITH THE BOOKMARK. Wowowow. Sophie, that’s painful. Now I Write sounds like a NaNoWriMo book about writing, lol. Same for The Wicked Editor, only that applies to any time you’re editing because they told us to kill our darlings. Our darlings don’t want to be killed, so we’re wicked.

    1. Sophia they asked you to kill your darlings???? That’s …wicked! LOL Seriously I had no idea thay could ask you to do that at NaNo! I will seriously have to look further into this.

  2. OMG! Talk about laugh, I nearly had tears in my eyes. These are brilliant, Sophie. I love the writing related titles, so very funny. Thanks for making me smile, youโ€™re a gem!