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This will be a quick post as I have tons of things to do to prepare for London!


What have I read?

One big disappointment with Immortal Reign.










An easy read with Heartbreak for Hire










A fantasic and life altering read with The Silver Cage.










What and I currently reading?

Well nothing yet as I am between books!


What will I read next?

Either Rock King by Tara Leigh either Hero at the Fall by Alwynn Hamilton


What are you reading now?

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Yay preparations for London, so exciting!
    I’m sorry to hear that Immortal Reign wasn’t that good for you, I’ve heard great things about it so far. I hope your next reads will be better 🙂 Happy reading, Sophie! x

  2. I was going to pick up this meme last week but I had to fix all my headlines and my ratings graphic so no time for it 🙁

    I finished The Gamble by Kristen Ashley and Guardian’s Bond by Rhenna Morgan.
    Currently reading: Memphis by Ginger Scott, which is wonderful and audio-reading Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley which surprised the hell out of me.
    I should be starting Kate Meader’s Undone by You and hopefully Rachel Higginson’s Consequence very soon – the ARC has not been sent yet so I might switch that around.

    That Silver Cage book looks amazing. I really need to grab that one.

    1. How do you find Memphis? I love Ginger Scott but this one gets mixed reviews. Sorry for answering late I was preparing for my travel to London. I already wish you a happy weekend!

  3. I just finished Honor Among Thieves By Rachel Caine and I’m hoping to pick up The Viking’s Chosen By Quinn Loftis next but I’m not sure yet.

    1. Oh I will Abigail! I lived there for 6 months and have been back often. It’s a fantastic city and I would love living there :– Thank you and happy weekend!

  4. Oh no! I’m so sad to hear that you didn’t enjoy Immortal Reign, as I just finished the second book in the series and I’m loving it so far.