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First of all I think my fairy godmother has been very active today as I landed ARCs I either stopped hoping for as it’s been months since I requested them and heard mothing at all either got a message two days ago that I haden’t been approved due to a huge amount of requests and another that was unexpectedly granted while it was close to the end date.


Whatever the reason I’ll be a very busy reading bee now!!!


The meme is all about answering three simple questions: What are you currently reading? What have you finished reading? What will you be reading next?


What am I currently reading?

Nothing as I just finished a book today!

What have I recently finished?

What will you read next?

Well all my ARCs duh!

What are you currently reading? Anything good ?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hahaha god I so get you. I wasn’t counting on One Small Thing either any longer…
    I’m starting Jill Shalvis’ Rainy Day Friends today!

  2. ooooh, it seems really interresting what you got there ! (If im judging on titles) Yay for arcs acceptation !!

    I’m STILL on my same one, and now running behind as my boyfriend is where all my focus is going and I don’t wanna leave it for reading before bed xD and I have plenty of deadlines coming… aaaah bad idea ahah

    1. Boyfriend deserves your focus Kristina!!! Between him and the dogs I can guess you don’t have much room LOL

  3. Just finished The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. Right now I’m in the middle of A Thousand Beginnings and Endings. You have a great list of romance, girl! ♥️

  4. Isn’t that crazy how it works out?! That happens to me too sometimes and then I just want to go eeeekkkkkssss lol! Happy reading! I’m going to start Moonlight Seduction by JLA tonight.

  5. I never request more than three books in netgalley because they mostly get approved at once and I can’t handle deadline stress. I hope you enjoyed The Girl And Her Ren! I’m planning to binge the duology. One Small Thing is on my TBR and I really hope you enjoy it.
    I just finished Legendary By Stephanie Garber and I freaking loved it. I’m currently reading Tell Me No Lies By A.V. Geiger. It’s a sequel to Follow Me back.
    Hope you have a great day and Happy reading! :)

    1. I saw Tell me no Lies Raven and wanted to request it but as I haden’t read Follow me Back I abstained ;-) Thank you and you too!

  6. I’ feel like I’m always drowning in ARCS!
    I hope you enjoy One Small Thing, it was good!
    & I’m starting The Fragile Ordinary this weekend!
    Happy reading!

    1. Kayla The Fragile Ordinary is next after A Wish For Us and One Small THing! Looks like we are twins LOL

  7. Drowning in ARCs? There are worse problems to have, at least! lol.
    I’m working through Strange the Dreamer right now and I’m loving it.

    1. Oh yes Jenna I know it! And Strange the Dreamer is on my TBR! I hope you’ll love it :-)